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Materials Purchase Added Postage
Materials Purchase
Our Price: $10.00
Added Postage
Our Price: $10.00
This is used in cases where materials need to be purchased over and above the basic materials for an order. For example, patches to be included on a brassard, frames for an engraved plate, or embroidery that isn't otherwise offered as part of a product. The cost is in increments of $10, and covers purchase cost, tax, and shipping costs. Use this product code when it is necessary to add postage to an order and the system won't do it. We will ship the order and change the amount of postage to meet the actual cost of shipping and handling before we actually charge the amount to your credit card. The amount is set in increments of $10. If you think the postage might be between $20 and $30, then select 3 of this item. If you have questions about this, please call us.